Zephyros is a Greek God and Son of Zeus and Athena through a melding of minds. He is the God of the West Wind, Spring, and is a General in the Army of Zeus. He is the husband of Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow, and a servant of Eros. Millennia ago, he fell in love with a mortal man, Hyacinthus, and tried to woo him. However, Hyacinthus fell in love with Apollo instead. Mad with rage, Zephyros killed Hyacinthus and incurred Apollo's wrath. Though Hyacinthus was then made a god, Apollo was enraged. Zephyros swore himself into Eros' service for protection and has served the God of Love ever since. This has left Zeus in the uncomfortable position of lacking one of his generals, but he is fearful of Eros' rage to demand he be released.

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