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Will Solace is the demigod Son of Apollo and the mortal woman Naomi Masterson. When Will was born, Naomi was unable to handle the knowledge of the Olympians. She was obsessed with having snagged Apollo, and she went insane when she left. She started doing drugs to cope with the loss.

When Will was three-years-old, Apollo had him removed from Naomi's care. He was taken to a loving foster family, the Solace's, who raised and adopted him. When he was seven, though, monsters began attacking him. The Solace's didn't know what was going on, but the kept moving around the country to try and avoid the attacks on their son.

Finally, Apollo met with them and explained the mythological world to them. Though surprised, they believed what he said, and they agreed that Will needed to be trained. He came to Camp Half-Blood and was immediately placed into Cabin 7 among the children of Apollo.

Powers & Abilities[]

Will is the most powerful child of Apollo alive, and he has inherited several skills from his father that many of his other siblings did not.

  • Healing: As with all Children of Apollo, Will is a natural healer. However, he is the most naturally skilled healer among his siblings. He understands the human body and can sense injuries more precisely than any of his siblings.
  • Archery: Will is a natural archer, and he is gifted with all forms of long-ranged combat.
  • Musical Skills: As with all children of Apollo, Will is a natural musician.
  • Photokinesis: Unlike most of his siblings, Will has the power to control and generate light in a way that most children of Apollo are unable to do. Will can, with practice, create illusions, heat, blinding light, and blasts of light.