The Fates (Also Known as The Moirai) are the three born elderly Daughters of Zeus and Ananke. They are the determiners of all life in the universe, and they maintain the fates that their mother prescribes. They listen to no one save their mother, and only she has dominion over their actions. Clotho is the Goddess of Fated Birth who spins the thread to grant new life. Lachesis is the Goddess of Fated Life who measures the thread to determine the length of life. And Atropos is the Goddess of Fated Death who cuts the thread to determine when life ends.

Interestingly, though they determine the start, length, and end of one's life, they do not determine the occurrences within one's life. Their mother, Ananke, determines the fated events that must occur, but everything that is not prescribed by the Fates or their mother is entirely at the discretion of the person who lives their life.

This aspect is often forgotten by gods and demigods who like to blame the Fates for everything that goes wrong. In actuality, save for death itself, very few hardships are the purview of the Fates.

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