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Terrance William Higgs (b. September 4, 1976) is the son of the Potter Family Seneschal, Robert Higgs, and his muggle wife, Caroline Higgs.  Terrance was five when Voldemort was defeated, and he still remembers the fear of that time vividly.  In fact, he barely remembers his mother because she was killed in an attack by Voldemort on the City of Highever when he was three.  To that end, much like the rest of the Wizarding World, Terrance rejoiced when the young Harry Potter defeated Voldemort, despite his father's sadness over the death of their employers, James Potter and Lily Potter.

Terrance has always been an outsider.  First, he was the little boy who grew up on the Seacliff Estate miles from other children.  Second, he was the proud half-blood who was unashamed of his muggle mother after being sorted into Slytherin.  Third, he was both Bisexual and in a relationship with a Gryffindor, Oliver Wood.

It was Terrance's relationship with Oliver Wood that defined him thoroughly throughout his fourth, fifth, and sixth years at Hogwarts.  Initially, Terrance was perfectly happy to be shunned by his roommates in Slytherin due to his relationship.  He felt it was none of their business, and he would not allow them to influence his actions.  However, the isolation that he felt because Oliver refused to so much as acknowledge his existence often weighed him down.  Though he understood that Oliver would likely get in much more trouble from the Gryffindors than him from the Slytherins--the most his roommates did was ignore him whereas Oliver would likely be routinely hexed--he did often feel alone.  Their relationship ended at the end of Terrance's sixth year Spring Break.  The two had been staying at Oliver's house when Oliver had sex with a sleeping Terrance.  Upon waking up and realizing what had happened, Terrance ended the relationship on the spot and left.  He continues to both have nightmares and flashbacks about the event, and he struggles with his intense feelings of betrayal.

The offer to begin mage training with Professor McGonagall, Professor Sprout, Madam Pomfrey, and Madam Hooch was a welcome change for Terrance.  It gave him a chance to escape from the feelings of depression and heartache that he spent so much of his time masking.  He didn't need to face his father, who knew that something was wrong even if he didn't know what, and he could be around people who wouldn't be able to tell how much he was suffering after the end of his relationship with Oliver.  Even more interesting for Terrance was his fellow mage student, Harry Potter.  The two had never spoken before, but Terrance pledged his loyalty to Lord Potter as his family's position required.  What is more, he agreed to help the less informed mage students learn more about Wizarding Law--as is his area of expertise.