Roger Jonathan Davies (b. September 15, 1978) is a muggle-born wizard currently attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Roger is the top student in his class, and he is exceptionally gifted with Charms.  Roger has never had a particularly close relationship with his parents.  When he was a child, the magic that happened around him would often frighten them.  It was a welcome relief for all three of them that he went to Hogwarts.  For Roger, it was a chance to learn and be around people who understood his talents and what he could do.  For his parents, it was a chance to be rid of the child they sometimes regretted having.

Hogwarts was a welcome relief from the stifling and tenuous home life he left behind.  Sorted into Ravenclaw, Roger was able to study and learn at a rate that he never had before.  Whereas at home he hid his magic, at school he learned how to accomplish incredible feats of spellcasting with it.  Given that his home life remained difficult, Roger often dreaded returning to it.  Often, his friends would offer him a place to stay for the summer, and he would bounce from home to home without visiting his parents once.

In 1994, Roger was offered the chance to begin mage training under the tutelage of Professors Minerva McGonagall and Pomona Sprout and Madams Poppy Pomfrey and Rolanda Hooch.  This is the ultimate opportunity for Roger, who respected all the women immensely, and he gladly joined.  Unlike the other muggle-borns in the group, Roger is more aware of the prejudice facing him because of his birth.  As such, he sees mage training as his chance to get ahead and learn more than anyone who would try to hold him back.  Perhaps the, he feels, he can really make a name for himself in the wizarding world.

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