Queen Rhaena Targaryen is the firstborn daughter of King Aenys I Targaryen and his sister/wife Alyssa Targaryen. She was initially married to her younger brother, Aegon, but he died after Maegor I Targaryen killed him and seized his throne. She was then forcibly married to Maegor and bore him one child, Aegor. When Rhaena gave birth to a healthy son, she feared for his life and ordered the maids to claim the child deceased and hide him somewhere safe from his father's cruelty. Soon after, she fled King's Landing with the servant in question to join her brother, Jaehaerys, in retaking the Iron Throne. Though her son was the rightful heir of Maegor, she felt that the throne caused enough trouble for her line and allowed her younger brother to claim it. After the crowning of her brother Jaehaerys, Rhaena was made to marry him to solidify his claim, and the two had three children together. Through her granddaughter, Aemma Arryn, her line will sit on the throne with her great-granddaughter, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen. She his her firstborn's line from her family for fear that they might be seen as threats to the succession. However, when she learned that her grandson and his wife died, she had no choice but to take her great-grandchildren Anna and Aric Targaryen, to Dragonstone and asked Rhaenyra to take them in and care for them. She was not long for the world, she knew and wanted them to be cared for. Rhaenyra agreed. Rhaena is a dragonrider to the great dragon Dreamfyre.

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