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Psyche is a Greek Goddess. Once a demigod daughter of Hermes and the mortal Queen Apirae, Psyche was inhumanly beautiful and worshipped above Aphrodite for her beauty by the subjects of her kingdom. As punishment for this, though it wasn't her fault, Aphrodite ordered her son Eros to make her fall in love with a hideous beast. Instead, he fell in love with her himself. He brought her to his palace and married her. There was only one rule, she was not to look upon his face.

One night, she lit a candle and saw his face. As punishment for this betrayal, Aphrodite cursed her terribly. Psyche was banished. However, she loved Eros and swore herself into Aphrodite's service to prove her love for him. To prove this, Aphrodite assigned her four trials to complete.

The first trial was to separate a room full of wheat, barley, lentils, chickpeas, poppy seeds, and beans into individual piles in a single night. To do this, Psyche successfully convinced the servants of Olympus to aid her and succeeded.

For her second task, she had to steal golden wool from the sheep of Helios, God of the Sun, for Aphrodite. She did this not by swimming across the dangerous currents of their protective river, as Aphrodite intended, but instead by taking the wool from the bushes where the sheep grazed.

Third, she had to collect water from that which fed the River Styx and the River Cocytus in the Underworld while fending off dragons. She slayed the three dragons guarding the spring and collected the water she needed.

Her final and most difficult task was to go into the Underworld and steal some of the beauty of Persephone. Psyche was the first mortal being to ever successfully enter the underworld and return. However, instead of stealing the beauty, she convinced Persephone to aide her. She was offered a trial by combat, where she would face a champion of Persephone's choosing, for the beauty. Persephone chose Hades himself to act as her champion. During the fight, Psyche managed to steal the Helm of Darkness from Hades' head and won the match. Honoring the deal, Persephone gave Psyche some of her beauty for Aphrodite.

Unfortunately, Aphrodite refuses to honor her agreement to bless the union of Eros and Psyche. Instead, she curses Psyche with an endless sleep, and swears that she will never awaken.

Eros, still in love with Psyche, demands that Zeus make Aphrodite lift the curse and grant Psyche immortality. He does so, and the pair are married as equals.

Due to her suffering as a mortal, Psyche became the Goddess of the Human Soul and the Goddess of Courage and Goddess of Heroes because she understands humanity and human suffering better than any other god. Moreover, she understands what it means to rise above hardships like no other Olympian does.