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The Protogenoi are the primordial deities which constitute the beginning of the universe. They are the first beings to ever exist, and they are the foundation on which all of the universe was made. All of the protogenoi were born from Chaos save for Chaos herself. Her consciousness came into being as the others did. Unlike the gods and the titans, the protogenoi are the universe itself. As such, they are beyond death. Their power is supreme and unmatched.


  • Chaos: The Protogenos of the Void around the universe. She is the birth of all things. She embodies the nothingness that comes from non-existence.
  • Ophion: The Protogenos of Life. He is the birthplace of individuality, sentience, and life.
  • Gaea: The Protogenos of the Earth. She is the physical land of the earth which embodies the entire planet.
  • Ouranos: The Protogenos of the Sky. He is the physical sky that surrounds the earth from above.
  • Tartarus: The Protogenos of the Pit. He is the evil darkness that encircles the ground from below.
  • Thalassa: The Protogenos of the Sea. She is all of the waters of the oceans, lakes, streams, etc. She exists wherever there is water.
  • Chronos: The Protogenos of Time. He is the movement of time itself. He is the source of movement forward in time.
  • Ananke: The Protogenos of Fate. She is the inevitability of certain actions and their predetermination.
  • Aither: The Protogenos of Light. He is the personification of the light of the universe. From him comes all light.
  • Erebus: The Protogenos of Darkness. He is the absence of light and only exists when the light disappears.
  • Nyx: The Protogenos of the Night. She is the personification of nighttime during which there is no light.
  • Hemera: The Protogenos of the Day. She is the personification of daytime and emobodies when