Polyphonte was a demigod Daughter of Ares who, unwilling to marry any man, decided to join the fledgling Hunters of Artemis and became the first lieutenant. For centuries, she hunted at Artemis' side happily. However, that changed when Artemis fell in love with the demigod Orion. Her lady intended to renounce her vow of maidenhood and marry Orion, but Polyphonte wouldn't allow that to happen. She secretly stole Artemis' bow and murdered him, ensuring the goddess' virginity remained intact.

When Artemis discovered what Polyphonte did, she furiously cast her from the hunt and cursed her with eternal torment. She would live forever, but would always feel the pain of ten thousand deaths. However, that was not enough for Artemis. She asked Aphrodite to help her further Polyphonte's torment. Knowing that the newly turned monster never wished to marry, the two cursed her to fall in love and lay with a bear. The union brought about the twin monsters Agrius and Oreius.

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