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The Justice League is an organization comprised of heroes from across the world dedicated to the protection of the world as a whole and continued peace. The Justice League operates legally around the world under the supervision of a United Nations Charter which sets guidelines on their actions. Currently, the Justice League chairman is Batman.



The Justice League was founded to combat the Apellaxian invasion when Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter joined forces to repel the threat. The group of them worked well together and decided to form a coalition to better protect the world.


01. Superman

02. Batman

03. Wonder Woman

04. Flash

05. Green Lantern

06. Aquaman

07. Martian Manhunter

08. Green Arrow

09. Hawkman

10. Hawkwoman

11. Zatanna

12. Liberty Belle (Deceased)

13. Black Canary

14. Captain Atom

15. Major Force (Defected)

16. Red Tornado

17. Question

18, Green Lantern (John Stewart)

19. Vibe (Deceased)

20. Etrigan

21. Vixen

22. Vigilante (Deceased)

23. Captain Marvel