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House Tyrell is one of the nine Great Houses of Westeros and the rulers of the Reach. They were once hereditary stewards to the former Kings of the Reach, House Gardner, who bent the knee to Aegon I Targaryen and were rewarded with lordship of the Reach as a reward.

Characteristics and Traits[]

The Tyrells are typically beautiful with brown hair and eyes. They also, in the case of the men of their family, are often considered oafish. This generalization is founded on their tendency of letting the women of their family have a say in the ruling of their land. In fact, this has led many to grumble that they are a matriarchal family.

The Tyrells are of Andal descent and as such are followers of the Faith of the Seven.


Members in Fire & Blood Born Again[]

Sworn Houses[]

  • House Vrywel
  • House Florent
  • House Oakheart
  • House Hightower
  • House Crane
  • House Tarly
  • House Redwyne
  • House Rowan
  • House Fossoway
  • House Mullendore