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House Lannister is one of the nine Great Houses that rule over Westeros and is the Paramount House of the Westerlands. They are the wealthiest of the Great Houses due to the surplus of gold and silver mine on their lands.

Prior to Aegon's Conquest, the Lannisters were Kings of the Rock for five thousand years. However, after Aegon arrived, the family was nearly wiped out with the Gardners when trying to resist.

Traits and Characteristics[]

Lannisters tend to be beautiful with golden hair and green eyes. Many of them have been called the most beautiful people in their generation. However, Lannisters are often arrogant and entitled given their vast wealth and status in society.


Lannisters are believers in the Faith of the Seven.

Dancing Dragons[]

In Dancing Dragons, House Lannister supports the Greens and King Aegon Targaryen for the throne and become his main financial backers for the war.

Fire & Blood Born Again[]

House Lannister in Fire & Blood Born Again[]

  • Lord Tywin Lannister
    • Lady Joanna Lannister, Lord Tywin't Late Wife
      • Jaime Lannister, his son, and heir
        • Brienne Tarth, Jaime's wife
          • Myrcella Lannister, Jaime's Daughter
          • Tommen Lannister, Jaime's Son
      • Cersei Lannister, his daughter
        • Robert Baratheon, Cersei's Husband, and king
          • Joffrey Baratheon, Cersei's secret Bastard son
          • Joanna Baratheon, Cersei's secret Bastard daughter
      • Tyrion Lannister, his son
  • Kevan Lannister, Tywin's brother
    • Dorna Swyft, Kevan's wife
      • Lancel Lannister, his son
      • Willem Lannister, his son
      • Martyn Lannister, his son
      • Janei Lannister, his daughter
  • Genna Lannister, Tywin's sister
    • Emmon Frey
      • House Frey
  • Tygett Lannister, Tywin's brother
    • Darlessa Marbrand, Tygett's wife
      • Tyrek Lannister, his son
  • Gerion Lannister, Tywin's brother
    • Briony, his mistress
      • Joy Hill, his bastard daughter
  • Damon Lannister, Tywin's cousin
    • Ella Lannister, Damon's wife
      • Damion Lannister, his son
        • Shiera Strong, Damion's wife
  • Stafford Lannister, Tywin's cousin
    • Myranda Lefford, his wife
      • Daven Lannister, his son
      • Cerenna Lannister, his daughter
      • Myrielle Lannister, his daughter

Sworn Houses[]

  • House Lefford of the Golden Tooth
  • House Strong of Crakehall
  • House Prester of Feastfires
  • House Marbrand of Ashemark
  • House Lydden of Deep Den
  • House Farman of Fair Isle
  • House Serrett of Silverhill
  • House Kenning of Kayce
  • House Broom of Batonry
  • House Gilbert of Banefort
  • House Payne of Mount Glisten
  • House Brax of Hornvale
  • House Westerling of Crag