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House Greyjoy is one of the Nine Great Houses that rule over the Seven Kingdoms. They are the lords of the Iron Islands and rule from the Castle of Pyke. They have the most contentious relationship of all Great Houses with the rest of the kingdoms because of their barren landscape results in near poverty and reavers.

Characteristics and Traits[]



Dancing Dragons[]

Fire & Blood Born Again[]

Members in Fire & Blood Born Again[]

  • Lord Quellon Greyjoy, Lord of Pyke
    • {{Lady Bera Stonetree}}, Quellon's First Wife
      • {{Lord Harlon Greyjoy}}, Quellon's First Son
      • {{Lord Donel Greyjoy}}, Quellon's Second Son
      • {{Lord Quenton Greyjoy}}, Quellon's Third Son
    • {{Lady Andra Sunderly}}, Quellon's Second Wife
      • Lord Balon Greyjoy, Quellon's Fourth Son and Heir
        • Lady Alannys Harlaw, Balon's Wife
          • Lord Rodrik Greyjoy, Balon's First Son
            • Lady Elys Mallister, Rodrik's Wife
              • Lady Yara Greyjoy, Rodrik's Daughter
              • Lord Theon Greyjoy, Rodrik's Son
          • Lord Maron Greyjoy, Balon's Second Son
            • Lady Denisa Lannister, Maron's Wife
              • Lady Asha Greyjoy, Maron's Daughter
              • Lady Niella Greyjoy, Maron's Daughter
              • Lord Dalton Greyjoy, Maron's Daughter
      • Lord Victarion Greyjoy, Quellon's Fifth Son
        • Lady Leyla Hightower, Victarion's Wife
          • Lord Vickton Greyjoy, Victarion's Son
          • Lady Greta Greyjoy, Victarion's Daughter
        • Lord Euron Greyjoy, Quellon's Sixth Son (Exiled)
    • Lady Jeyne Piper, Quellon's Third Wife
      • Lord Aeron Greyjoy, Quellon's Seventh Son
        • {{Lady Ingrid Blacktyde}}, Aeron's Wife
          • Lord Torwyn Greyjoy, Aeron's Son
          • Lord Harlon Greyjoy, Aeron's Son
      • Lord Urrigon Greyjoy, Quellon's Eighth Son
        • Lady Alya Farman, Urrigon's Wife
          • Lord Elmar Greyjoy, Urrigon's Son
      • Lord Robin Greyjoy, Quellon's Ninth Son
        • Lady Hana Saltcliffe, Robin's Wife
      • Lady Myranda Greyjoy, Quellon's Daughter
        • Lord Patrek Mallister, Myranda's Husband
          • House Mallister

Sworn Houses[]

  • House Harlaw
  • House Stonehouse
  • House Merlyn
  • House Sunderly
  • House Botley
  • House Wynch
  • House Goodbrother