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House Arryn is one of the nine Great Houses that rule over Westeros. The Lords of House Arryn are known as the Lords Paramount of the Vale. Their seat is the Eyrie, which sits atop the tallest mountain in Westeros and is accessible only by way of a single path which the Arryns guard zealously.

Traits and Characteristics[]



Dancing Dragons[]

King Jaehaerys I Targaryen married his daughter, Daella Targaryen, to Lord Rodrik Arryn. This match resulted in three daughters: Jeyne Arryn, Aemma Arryn, and Alyssa Arryn. Aemma Arryn then went on to marry her cousin, King Viserys I Targaryen and gave him many children. These blood ties meant that House Arryn supported Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen's claim to the Iron Throne. They were the first Great House to back her claim, and they were rewarded handsomely for it.

Fire & Blood Born Again[]

Lord Jon Arryn fostered Lord Robert Baratheon and Lord Rickard Stark's second son, Eddard Stark. When King Aerys I Targaryen called for their heads, Lord Arryn rebelled and aided in the rebellion. He married Lady Lysa Tully to help secure the Riverlands in the war, and he was named Hand of the King following the rebellion.

House Arryn in Fire & Blood Born Again[]

  • Lord Jon Arryn, Lord of the Eyrie
    • {[Lady Jeyne Royce}}, Jon's First Wife
      • {{Lord Elbert Arryn}}, Jon's First Son, Killed by Aerys II
        • {{Lady Myranda Belmore}}, Elbert's Wife
    • {{Lady Rowena Arryn}}, Jon's Second Wife
      • {{Lord Denys Arryn}}, Jon's Second Son, Killed in the Battle of the Bells
        • Lady Amanda Waynwood, Denys' Wife
          • Lord Roland Arryn, Denys' Son and Heir of the Vale
    • Lady Lysa Tully, Jon's Third Wife
      • Lord Robin Arryn, Jon's Third Son
  • {{Lady Alys Arryn}}, Jon's Sister
    • {{Lord Elys Waynwood}}, Alys' Husband
      • House Waynwood
  • {{Lord Ronnel Arryn}}, Jon's Brother
    • {{Lady Gemma Lynderly}}, Ronnel's Wife
      • Lord Alix Arryn, Ronnel's Son
        • Lady Winda Upcliff, Alix's Wife
          • Lady Elys Arryn, Alix's Daughter
          • Lord Arnold Arryn, Alix's Son
          • Lord Elric Arryn, Alix's Son
    • Lord Martyn Arryn, Ronnel's Son
      • {{Lady Ingrid Ruthermont}}, Martyn's Wife
        • Lady Amara Arryn, Martyn's Daughter
        • Lord Jacob Arryn, Martyn's Son
    • Lady Jana Arryn, Ronnel's Daughter
      • Lord Larance Pryor, Jana's Husband
        • House Pryor

Sworn Houses[]

  • House Grafton of Gulltown
  • House Melcolm of Old Anchor
  • House Waxley of Wickenden
  • House Royce of Runestone
  • House Waynwood of Ironoaks
  • House Pryor of Pebble
  • House Redfort of the Redfort
  • House Templeton of Ninestars
  • House Corbray of Heart's Home
  • House Belmore of Stronsong
  • House Hunter of Longbow Hall
  • House Hersy of Newkeep