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Hades is a Greek God and the second child of the Titan king Kronos and his wife Rhea. He is the God of the Dead, Wealth, Riches, and Subterranean Places. He is the wife of Persephone and the Lord of the Dead. He is also the father of Nico di Angelo and Bianca di Angelo with the mortal woman, Maria di Angelo. With the mortal woman, Marie Levesque, he is the father of Hazel Levesque.

Moreso than any other god, Hades mistrusts the Titan of Magic, Hecate. He is aware that she lied to Demeter, claiming that his bride Persephone was kidnapped and, as a result, caused Demeter to starve the Earth until Persephone's return. He is also aware that she claims to be Persephone's confidant and friend in order to sway Demeter to listen to her. However, the mistrust the other Olympian gods have for him prevents him from sharing his suspicions with any but his closest of confidants: Persephone, Hestia, Apollo, and Hyacinthus.

There are many gods who are his attendants in the Underworld. These attendants are responsible for maintaining order in the Underworld, and running death in Hades' name.