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Ginevra Molly Weasley (b. August 11, 1981) is a half-blood witch and a member of the Weasley Family.  She is biologically the daughter of Bill Weasley and his former girlfriend Josephine Chambers, but she was taken in and raised by her grandparents, Molly and Arthur Weasley.  She is currently a student at Hogwarts school and is a member of Slytherin House.


Early Life[]

Ginny is the illegitimate daughter of her elder "brother" Bill Weasley and his schooltime girlfriend Josephine Chambers.  When his parents discovered that Bill was going to be a father, they offered to take the baby in and raise her; recognizing that a teenager was not equipped to be a proper father to a young child.

Though she has never been told of her biological father, Ginny has always shared an intensely close relationship with him and often thinks of him first when imagining her parent.  Still, she is also very close to her own siblings and parents.

Hogwarts Years[]

When Ginny turned eleven, she began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and she was sorted into Slytherin house.  During her first year, the Chamber of Secrets was opened and a monster began attacking students.

Ginny worried because she began noticing lapses in her memory that corresponded to the various times that students were attacked.  As she wrote in her diary, which wrote back to her, she slowly began to realize that she was the one attacking everyone.  Many times, she tried to get rid of the diary or tell one of her brothers about it, but all her attempts proved futile.  

At the end of her first year, the Diary of Tom Riddle took possession of her and forced her to enter the Chamber of Secrets in order to kill her.  It was only through the actions of Harry Potter that she survived at all.

Powers and Abilities[]

Ginny's possession by Tom Riddle greatly affected her magical powers and abilities.  The close contact with the soul fragment inside the diary empowered Ginny's magical core and increased its power level from sixteen to twenty-four.  Additionally, much of the power and knowledge that sixteen-year-old Tom Riddle also transferred to her.  

  • Parseltongue: As a result of her possession, Ginny became a Parselmouth and is capable of talking to snakes.  
  • Dark Magic: The possession also granted Ginny with extensive knowledge and understanding of Dark Magic rivaling most masters in the subject.  Though she doesn't practice, she is highly knowledgeable.  
  • Dueling: Ginny is an expert duellist.
  • Transfiguration: Ginny is highly gifted at transfiguration as a result of her possession.
  • Potions: As a result of her possession, Ginny is a gifted potioneer.
  • Charms: Ginny is gifted at charms.
  • Arithmancy: Despite never having taken the subject, Ginny is an expert arithmancer thanks to Riddle's own knowledge of the subject.