Ganymede is a Greek God and the son of Aphrodite and the mortal king, Tros of Troy. He is the Cup-Bearer of Zeus, God of Desire, Homosexuality, Homosexual Love, and Homosexual Sex. He was once a demigod before Zeus fell deeply in love with him. With Aphrodite's blessing, Zeus courted Ganymede and won his affection.

Unlike many of Zeus' lovers, he did not grow tired of Ganymede. Instead, he fell deeper in love and made him a god on Olympus. Then, to protect Ganymede from the wrath of Hera, Zeus named him Cup-Bearer of Zeus. The two have been deeply in love ever since.

Ganymede is also an erotes: one of the love gods who attend to his mother, Aphrodite. Also, in recent years, he has become the patron for victims of child abuse and sexual abuse.

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