Emmaline Nancy Black (b. July 21, 1961) is a muggle-born witch and the husband of the Marquis of Charlton, Lord Sirius Black. Her husband was arrested in 1981 for the murders of Peter Pettigrew and twelve muggles as well as for revealing the location of their friends, Lord James Potter and Lady Lily Potter for Voldemort. Emmaline did not believe these accusations and spent years and all her and Sirius' savings trying to fight the charges. Finally, in 1987, she was allowed to meet with him, and Sirius told her that he was sorry but he was responsible for Lily and James' deaths. Emmaline was penniless after the legal struggles and dealing with the hardships of muggle-borns in England, but she did her best to care for her two children Celine Black and Marius Black. Finally, in 1991, her grandfather-in-law, Lord Arcturus Black, was on his deathbed. With no others with the Black name, he was forced to reinstate Sirius to be the next Marquis of Charlton. He died within two months of this act. With Sirius imprisoned, Emmaline was entitled to act as both regent for the family and sole beneficiary of the Black family fortune.

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