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 Edward Arthur Charles Phillip Pendragon (b. November 12, 1970) is the current King of Albion and Iwernia.  He attended Hogwarts between 1982-1989 and was sorted into Ravenclaw.  He was also trained as a Mage by Minerva McGonagall, Poppy Pomfrey, Rolanda Hooch, and Pomona Sprout.  


Birth and Siege of Castle Camelot[]

Edward Pendragon was born to Michael and Elise Pendragon on November 12, 1970, during the reign of his grandfather, King Charles.  When he was two years old, Lord Voldemort laid siege to Castle Camelot and slaughtered the entire Pendragon Family.   However, a young nursemaid, Lenora Queller, heard the disturbance and helped the young Prince Edward escape.  Due to this, Edward became the last of the Pendragons and was crowned King of Albion at two years old.

Younger Years[]

Due to his age, Edward was declared too young to rule, and the Minister of Magic was established as the regent for his throne.  During this time, Edward-who was too young to undergo a coronation-was kept in the secure Winter Palace in which he had previously lived with his parents.  

Edward's childhood was not a happy one.  Though he was the king, he was raised by tutors and governors who wasted no opportunity to discipline him.  He rarely received praise and never experienced physical affection.  What is more, he was never allowed to interact with children his own age.


Attending Hogwarts was the first time that Edward was allowed to interact with children his own age.  He was sorted into Ravenclaw House.