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District 7 is Panem's district responsible for the production of lumber which is used for building, furniture, etc. However, they are not the ones who build said creations. Instead, the lumber is shipped around the country for production. District 7 is also the district responsible for the creation of unrefined fabrics. Wool and other such creatures are raised on farms in the district before being shipped off to District 8 for manufacturing.

Industry Jobs[]

  • Lumber Jack
  • Load Puller
  • Lead Climber
  • Furniture Builder
  • Carpenter
  • Paper-maker


Fir Yule[]

Fir Yule is the victor of the Thirteenth Hunger Games and the first victor from District 7.

Eero Nitva[]

Eero Nitva is the victor of the Twenty-Fourth Hunger Games and became an alcoholic after winning.

Blight Johnson[]

Blight Johnson is the victor of the Thirty-Sixth Hunger Games and won his games by hiding until the very end and then killing the remaining two tributes with an axe.

Johanna Mason[]

Johanna Mason is the victor of the Seventy-First Hunger Games and the only female to ever win from the district. She won her Games by feigning weakness until the final seven. Then, she went on a killing spree and single-handedly murdered all six of the Careers she was in the arena with.

After her victory, Johanna was threatened by President Snow to become a prostitute, but she refused. He then murdered her mother and brother to force her to comply. One year later, she admitted to her father what had happened, and he killed himself so she wouldn't have to do it anymore. This left Johanna alone, but Snow threatened to starve District 7 if she didn't continue.