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District 11 is the district of Panem responsible for the growth and production of agricultural goods for the Capitol. They are both the largest of the districts and the poorest. Nearly all that is harvested is sent directly to the Capitol, and the people are regularly whipped if they attempt to steal any of the food grown for themselves. Additionally, there are several factories in the northernmost part of the district dedicated to food preservation and packaging. Food from Districts 11, 10, and 4 are all preserved in these factories.

Industry Jobs[]

  • Sorter
  • Irrigator
  • Farmhand
  • Harvester
  • Gardener


Ashleen Ballygreen[]

Ashleen Ballygreen was the victor of the Fourth Hunger Games. During her Games, there was unrest in the districts due to the loss of the Dark Days and the discontent with the Games as a punishment for the rebellion. As such, hers was the first Games to feature mutts rather than expecting the tributes to kill each other at random. Many of her fellow tributes died because of mutt attacks, and she only survived by using a garrote to kill the mutt sent after her while another mutt killer her opponent.

Seeder Avery[]

Seeder Avery is the victor of the Thirty-Second Hunger Games. She won the Games by poisoning the water supplies of the other tributes and outlasting those who remained.

After she won the Games, Seeder traveled to the Capitol and studied to become a surgeon. As a victor, she was entitled to an education if she pursued it, and she did. She then returned to District 11 and used her victor winnings for the years she had been in school to open the first hospital in the districts. She owns, operates, and works at the hospital, and she set it up to be self-sustaining. Many Capitol citizens travel to District 11 for treatment due to her renowned skills in the care of women and children.

Chaff Mitchell[]

Chaff Mitchell is the victor of the Forty-Fifth Hunger Games. During the Games, he lost his hand. Since then, he has been drinking himself into a stupor to cope with the trauma of the arena.