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 Cormac Duncan McLaggen (b. February 24, 1979) is the son and heir of Lord Bruce McLaggen and Caroline McLaggen nee Flint.  From an early age, Cormac has been very close with his uncle Tiberius.  The man is a gifted wizard, kind husband, and loving father.  Moreover, he is also a team leader for the Knights of the Round Table Strike Force--Albion's elite military force.  Cormac dreams of growing up to be like his uncle, and he dreads having to succeed his father as the Lord McLaggen.  In his mind, with good reason, becoming a Lord would mean dedicating himself to sitting behind a desk and managing accounts.  

When Minerva McGonagall informed Bruce McLaggen--her landlord and longtime friend--that she would be taking a new mage class, Lord McLaggen specifically asked if his son could be trained.  He knew of his son's ambitions within the military and hoped that mage training would both help further his career and keep him safe.  McGonagall agreed, and Cormac was taken to join the other mage students.

Right away, Cormac was happy to be studying with his cousin, Cedric Diggory.  The two are very close, and both were looking forward to spending time together that they rarely did at Hogwarts.  Additionally, Cormac quickly grew very close with muggle-born witch Hermione Granger as he agreed to help her learn more about the Wizarding culture that is not taught at Hogwarts.