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Coriolanus Snow was the President of Panem for thirty years between the Forty-Fifth Hunger Games and the Seventy-Fourth Hunger Games. He came to power after secretly poisoning his predecessor, Matrona Anders, and seizing power in the wake of her untimely death.

President Snow ruled with an iron fist, and he was deeply disliked by The Capitol and the districts alike. However, he maintained power by overhauling the government and establishing his loyalists as the only governing body. He then had anyone who opposed his quietly executed to ensure his position.

President Snow began the practice of forcibly selling victors as prostitutes on threat of their families' deaths. He did this to ensure that the famous of the Capitol, those who may turn against him, would be satisfied, and he could make a vast fortune off of the payments.

However, President Snow was deposed in an emergency vote of no-confidence after Hypatia Glim exposed his criminal activities during Mandatory Viewing. As such, he was deposed and arrested and waits for execution.

Unfortunately, he did not leave office without a fight. He forced Peeta Mellark to become a prostitute for him to convince one of his most tenuous supporters, Lysistrata Mint, to support his continued presidency. Unfortunately, this did not work, and he took his anger out on the Mellark family by having the bakery burned to the ground hours before he was deposed.

Currently, he awaits his execution for the crimes he committed against the victors and the districts and his gross mismanagement of Panem.