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Carlota "Charlie" Tomaz is the A-Squad Red Ranger and leader of the current power rangers at the beginning of the story. She has been in the position for nine years and is one of the most experienced rangers in SPD.


Charlie's father was an Iranian refugee during the early twenty-first century to Italy. He met an Italian woman and to two married and had Charlie. Shortly before alien refugees began coming to Earth, the two of them moved to America.

She joined the infant SPD and entered the ranger program, growing close to her teammates very quickly. She quickly established herself as a leader and became the head of the squad.

Due to her upbringing, Charlie is deeply protective of refugees and their plight. As such, she used her ranger status to champion equal rights for all refugees from any part of the world or galaxy. Her efforts played a significant role in the normalizing of aliens on Earth.

Personality & Traits[]

Charlie is quick-thinking, witty, and sarcastic. She has little patience for people she deems stupid, and she is often viewed as condescending. Yet, that is not to say that she is mean. Rather, Charlie is pragmatic. When she is in a fight or in a briefing, she focuses everything on that environment. As such, she gets annoyed when that environment isn't taken seriously.


Beevor Vechtrir[]

Beevor is the blue ranger and one of Charlie's closest friends. He is one of the most soft-spoken members of her team, but Charlie views him as her most trusted advisor due to his understanding of battle tactics and combat.

Cliff Hale[]

Cliff is Charlie's best friend and the green ranger. He is often light-hearted and easygoing, and that plays well with Charlie's sarcastic and snarky remarks. The two often prank the other members of SPD and routinely get berated for it. Still, he is also her closest confidant. Cliff is also the ranger most likely to remind Charlie to continue fighting when the battles are difficult.

Ivan Young[]

Ivan is the yellow ranger and one of Charlie's closest friends. She admires his dry sense of humor and his desire to fix everyone. In fact, Ivan is regularly the one who ensures that Charlie does not overexert herself in training.

Rachel Pierce[]

Rachel is the pink ranger and the one who Charlie is most at odds with. Though close, Rachel is very much team-oriented and likes to know about everyone else's lives. As such, she tends to get involved even when Charlie would prefer she wouldn't.

Ronan Tiern[]

Ronan is the black ranger and Charlie's Sixth Ranger. As the Sixth, Ronan is both Charlie's second-in-command and close friend.

Anubis Cruger[]

Doggie Cruger is Charlie's mentor and father figure. He personally trained her and her teammates when they were cadets, and she values his opinion immensely.