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Artemis is a Greek Goddess and the child of Zeus and Leto. She is the Goddess of the Hunt, the Moon, the Wild, Maidenhood, Chastity, and Children. She is also associated with childbirth because she helped her mother give birth to her brother Apollo immediately after she herself was born. As a maiden goddess, Artemis has no mortal children. However, she does have a band of attendants known as the Hunters of Artemis who travel with her around the world hunting and fighting. She considers these girls her children. Currently, her lieutenant of the hunt is Zoe Nightshade.

Only once in history has Artemis ever been tempted to renounce her vow of maidenhood. In Ancient Greece, she met a demigod son of Poseidon named Orion. He was a gifted hunter and tracker whom Artemis grew to care for deeply. He was the first man whom she even allowed to enter the Hunters of Artemis.

However, Artemis began to fall in love with Orion and he with her. Upon telling him this, she planned to go before her father and renounce her vow of maidenhood--as he promised to allow her to do should she choose too. She intended to make Orion her immortal consort.

Unfortunately, the first of her hunters, the original lieutenant named Polyphonte, felt that Artemis' decision constituted a personal affront. In secret, she murdered Orion with Artemis' bow, which she stole from the goddess' tent.

Artemis was horrified to discover her lover's dead body. She turned him into the constellation Orion and swore that she would remain a maiden until such a time as he lived again.