Ariadne a Greek Goddess. She is the Goddess of Labarynths, Paths, and Passion. She was the mortal daughter of Minos and Pasiphae. In ancient times, she led Theseus through the Labyrinth of her father, using her Clear Sight to guide them. He promised to marry her after their time together, but he left her to rot and face her father's judgement. Dionysus found her at that point and fell deeply in love with her. He brought her to Olympus and asked his father, Zeus, to make her a goddess so they could be married. Zeus agreed and they were wed. Currently, Ariadne lives on Mount Olympus alone because her husband is facing Zeus' punishment for an affair with a wood nymph. Rarely during this time, Ariadne has come to Earth and had demigod children. Her husband, at Camp Half-Blood, has been careful to treat them with respect and care as he does his own children.

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