Annalise "Annie" Cresta is the victor of the Seventieth Hunger Games from District 4. She was a Career tribute who volunteered upon her final reaping to compete in the Games. In training, she got a 10 for her axe throwing abilities. When the Games began, Annie was a brutal competitor who was responsible for four tributes deaths. However, when the regular splitting of the Career pack occurred, her district partner, Liam Harrigan, was beheaded in front of her. This drove Annie nearly insane, and she ran off and hid for the rest of the Games. Finally, the arena flooded due to an earthquake caused by the Gamemakers. Annie swam for three hours before being declared the victor when everyone else drowned.

She never recovered from the trauma of the Games. She lives in District 4's Victors' Village, and the remaining often visit her. She's particularly close with Siobhan Rayburn, Mags Flanagan, and Finnick Odair. However, none of them are able to help Annie when she gets lost in her flashbacks.

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