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Aegon I Targaryen is the first king of Westeros and the progenitor of House Targaryen.  He was born with the rare Targaryen gift of Dragon Dreams which showed him a bleak future where the Long Night returns.  As such, he decided to unite the Seven Kingdoms under one banner to ensure that there would be a fight to prevent this conquest.  He is a dragonrider for the dragon Balerion, who is the largest and oldest of the three Targaryen dragons his family had.


Aegon I Targaryen was born in 27 BC to Aerion Targaryen and Valaena Velaryon as their second of three children.  Growing up, he was very close with his sister, Rhaenys, and fell in love with her fun-loving demeanor.  He once said she was the light of the Targaryen line, in fact.  As such, despite his betrothal to his sister, Visenya, he chose to take Rhaenys as a second wife as well under Valyrian customs.

Aegon was well-traveled in his youth and visited many places in Westeros from the Arbor to the Wall.

Dragons' Conquest[]

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